Our Story

“When I started doing Yoga, I was overweight hence it took me a lot of effort going into the simplest of Asanas. I used to wonder why people say it’s for inner peace while it used to take away all my peace looking at others flexibility and me struggling into postures. But over the years, Yoga kept coming back to me and I’m so grateful it did. It took years to understand that Yoga is not just about Asanas but listening to that inner voice within and letting it take the lead. It’s about embracing where you are rather than competing with someone else. The more I got deeper into the practice, I fell more in Love with myself. That’s the beauty of Yoga. I did my certification course from Sri Sri School of Yoga, The Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru. It gets even better when you start sharing with people around, when you see them heal and when you see them peaceful within and hence Ekatra Yoga was born!”

– Ekta Bhasin, Founder.